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Proven replacement to safety pins for securing , race, event numbers to competitors clothing…No More Holes, No Magnets, Will Not Rub. New Unique SnapLock Fastener…Invented and made in Britain.

  • Will work on most running tops & lightweight waterproofs
  • Beveled back less than 2mm thick will not rub
  • Stops number from flapping
  • Light weight less than 1gsm
  • Re-Usable & recyclable made from tough Nylon

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Whether your kit has been supplied or you have spent £100s, safety pins make holes in the fabric, I have had personal experience of the pins coming undone even sticking into me, they are also fiddly to use, especially on a chilly Sunday morning where your fingers are quite vulnerable, if you have remembered them.

EventClips have been developed with Athletes, Mud Runners, Obstacle Runners, Fun Runners including Children and a World Champion where constant testing and development realised the EventClips final flat FaceStud elliptical design with the securing beveled BackClip less than 2mm thick designed not to rub.

The New EventClip does not make a hole in the fabric just a small dimple that washes out, very easy to attach simply press the FrontStud and BackClip and they snapLock in place securely, preventing them from coming undone without being physically released.

Please do not think we are knocking the safety pin invented 165 years ago by Walter Hunt, just that perhaps it is time for an improved modern alternative.

So whether Marathons, Half Marathons, 10K Runs, 5K Runs, 1 Mile Runs, ParkRuns, Mud Running, Endurance Running, Cross Country Running, UltraRunning, Triathlons, Duathlons, Zombie Runs, Canoeing, Cycling, Equestrian, Rowing or even Dancing…why not give them a try?

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